10 Million Per Month in Direct Sales With Jason Brown

10 Million Per Month in Direct Sales With Jason Brown

July 9, 2019 Failure 0
Jason Brown

Jason Brown Impressive entrepreneur, top-earning marketer and co-owner of Drip

Who is Jason Brown?

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Summary of questions:
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We know Jason Brown as a successful millionaire entrepreneur but you used to be broke. How broke were you and when was this?

They say we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Were you surrounded by negative or toxic people?

Are you afraid of failing?

Do you consider yourself lucky?

How do you stay focused in this world of distractions

Explain the People over profits mentality

What was your biggest failure

How do you listen to your customers?

Do you set goals? like yearly, 5 years and is it in your head or paper?

Do you believe we need to have the right mindset

Now that you are on top are you finally going to relax?

You’ve been to 42 countries over the last few years, what do you do in each?

What is your biggest breakthrough?

What do you think helped you push through the downtimes of your journey?

How did you handle going from $70k in debt to millionaire in such a short time?

How do you keep grounded and remain humble?

How do you balance multiple businesses and projects?

Do you deal with people, what is the key to balancing so many peoples personalities at once?

When adversity hits how do you think?

What is the #1 thing you would tell someone looking to win big

Jason Brown, I saw you with Les Brown (someone I really look up to)


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