Month: July 2018

Richard Kaufman USA Army veteran and quin amorim on fail fast podcast

#16 Tank Commander Veteran addiction & homelessness to million dollar business

Veteran addiction Retired Us Army Veteran who has gone from drug addiction and homelessness to running a million dollar business. Veteran addiction Experienced General Manager with strong sales professional with a Sports nutrition focused in Foods, Nutrition Richard Kaufman joined the military at a very young age, but by the age of 20 he was addicted…
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July 31, 2018 0
Fail Fast Podcast with the Master Of Failure Quin Amorim

#15 What Does it Mean to Fail Fast

How do you fail fast, and what is the meaning of failing fast? Quin Amorim explains the meaning of Failing Fast In systems design, a fail-fast system is one which immediately reports at its interface any condition that is likely to indicate a failure. Fail-fast systems are usually designed to stop normal operation rather than attempt to continue…
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July 24, 2018 0
James Semple Canadian government worker and entrepreneur

#14 Canadian government worker and entrepreneur James Semple

Canadian government worker and entrepreneur James Semple on the Fail Fast Podcast with Quin Amorim. James Semple shares a failure story from his early career. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, James Semple moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta to raise a family. Currently, James Semple works for the Canadian Government at the RMWB (Regional Municipality…
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July 16, 2018 0
Isabel Hundt professional speaker, coach and author

#13 Isabel Hundt The Power of Faith-Driven Success

Isabel Hundt speaker, coach, and author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success. Isabel Hundt is a certified  Transformation Coach, Speaker, Global Presence Ambassador, Empath-Warrior™, World-Visionary, Author of the book The Power of Faith-Driven Success – A Journey toward Living Your Dream by 30 ( and Emotions Clearing Practitioner. What a great interview with Isabel! She is an amazing person and…
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July 10, 2018 0
Steven Kuhn the #2 Military Influencer in the world.

#12 Top 2 Military Entrepreneur Influencer in The World – Steven Kuhn

#12 Top 2 Military Entrepreneur Influencer in The World Steven Kuhn What could be more interesting than a decorated combat veteran who turns failing businesses into success across Europe and the USA, and has been hand-picked to consult some of the most influential people in the world? Best selling author Steven Eugene Kuhn wrote a…
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