Month: February 2021

Todd Palmer - Diversified Industrial Staffing

From $600,000 in Debt to Making the INC 5000 Six Times

Todd Palmer went from being a struggling entrepreneur with $600,000 in debt to making the INC 5000 (a record total of 6 times!) as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. Today, as a collaborative business advisor and CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, Todd helps his clients ditch their comfort zone, dive into their “failures,” and re-frame their…
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February 17, 2021 0

Amit Rosenthal CEO of an 84 year International Logistics Company

Amit Rosenthal CEO of an 84 year international logistics company How long have you been in logistics? When did you realize Amazon was a big opportunity for logistic services? What services do you offer, do you actually do the transport or mediate it? 700 clients what if I have products that can’t be exposed to…
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February 9, 2021 0