Month: October 2020

Jason Klug

Jason Klug, Founder of Klugonyx Full-Service Product Development

Jason Klug Went to college for Mechanical Engineering and dropped out senior year. Moved to Utah and got a gig selling and developing Tablet and Ipad enclosures. That company sold and he started Klugonyx out of his 1 bedroom apartment. Full-service product development “firm” at the time. Now he has a team of designers, engineers,…
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October 28, 2020 0
Erik Johnson - Podcast Talent Coach

Sr. VP of Programming of iHeart Media & Talent Coach – Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson a nationally recognized talent coach who has been near the top of radio ratings since 2000. Sr. VP of Programming – iHeart Media 12 years Erik Johnson has made a career in public speaking, marketing, coaching and solving problems for clients Erik holds a Masters of Business Administration and Bachelor’s of Architectural Science…
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October 20, 2020 0
Michael and Kathryn Redman

Founders of HaBO Village, Michael and Kathryn Redman

Founders of HaBO Village, Michael and Kathryn Redman Michael and Kathryn Redman are sweethearts, best friends, and the husband-and-wife team behind Half a Bubble Out (HaBO), a marketing and consulting firm. They’re also founders of HaBO Village, an 8 year old membership website which helps leaders build Passion & Provision companies, full of profit, purpose,…
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October 14, 2020 0
Ollie Rankin - Pansensory Interactive Inc

Doing Visual Effects For Lord Of The Rings, X-Men, Matrix – Mr. Ollie Rankin

Ollie Rankin Ollie Rankin is a multidisciplinary storyteller and artist who spent two decades working at the forefront of the global visual effects industry, we’re talking about Lord of the Rings to Alice Through the Looking Glass. He is the founder and CEO of Vancouver-based immersive content production company, Pansensory Interactive, through which he created…
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October 13, 2020 0

Co-Founder at Heights, Host of a UK Top Business Podcast, Dan Murray-Serter

Co-Founder at Heights, Host of UKs Top Business Podcast, Secret Leaders, Dan Murray-Serter Hey Dan at one point you were the number 1 business podcast in the UK, is that still the case? How did you do that? Secret Leaders is almost 5 years old! How did you get started in podcasting? Is it true your…
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October 6, 2020 0