Maxed Two Credit Cards Before The Wedding On a Real Estate Training Course | E.p #2

Maxed Two Credit Cards Before The Wedding On a Real Estate Training Course | E.p #2

May 2, 2018 Failure My Story Videos 0
Tom Sylvester

If you are an entrepreneur looking to hire a business coach, don’t miss this episode!

Today I had a great chat with Tom Sylvester a computer Scientist from Rochester, New York

Not only Tom is a very successful businessman, owning and running several businesses with his wife Ariana, he his also an amazing person, and very easy to talk to.

I hope you enjoy listening to Tom as much as I did.

Here is an amazing Fail Fast explanation by Tom:

Given that we’re on the other fail fast podcast, failure is a part of the journey and you’re going to fail probably more times than you think.

The reason I love the name of this podcast, is because failures are only a problem when they happen infrequently and when you try to avoid failure what tends to happen is everything stacks up and it ends up becoming a big failure that drags you apart.

What you want to do instead is, you want to focus on having small failures all the time, so if we go back to that GPS analogy, not checking in and then you check in 2 hours later and you realize you missed a turn, now you have to do this huge correction. But if you were checking in every 5 minutes, when you realize you missed a turn, now its only a small correction.

Quin Amorim And Tom Sylvester:

An interview with the entrepreneur and lifestyle builder Tom Sylvester.

Tom helps entrepreneurial leaders build more PROFITABLE businesses.

Today he explains how he dipped int the wedding savings to buy a course and what happened next…

Tom and his wife Ariana also have an amazing podcast and youtube channel, you can find them at:

Here is Tom and Ariana’s podcast –

And here is their YouTube channel –


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