#34 Top 10 Most Listened Podcast Episodes

#34 Top 10 Most Listened Podcast Episodes

January 11, 2019 Failure 0

Today I bring to you the most downloaded podcast episodes of teh Fail Fast Podcast.

The Podcast started in May of 2018 and 34 episodes were launched at the rate of 1 per week.

Today I’ll give you a countdown of the top 10 most listened episodes.

Starting at number 10, the Second most influential military entrepreneur in the world, MR Steven Eugene Kuhn.

After years serving his country, and building his empire, depression settled in and Steven ended up losing it all. (Play Clip 1)

Steven has since kicked his depression’s butt, rebuilt his life, worked with Mick Jagger, Andrea Bocelli, Olivia Newton Jon, and helped launch an inflatable bag (The Lay bag). In the first 2 weeks got half a million in sales and ended up generating 30Million in sales in the first 3 months! (Play clip 2)

Steven represents about 16 other products and does consulting with Veterans (play Clip 3)

Steven was reborn once in a fantastic trip to Peru, and now has an undying love for his mother (play clip 4)

Lets keep going through the list.

#9 At number 9 we have episode #19 Salena Knight

Salena’s story is like something out of a movie, and she is living proof that anything is possible with the right mindset.

Selena was abandoned by her mom and was homeless at the age of 14!(play clip 1)

But, the no blame mentality has taken her very far since then, and today she is a multi-award winning business woman who has built a hugely successful Chain of retail stores!

And… she helps businesses get their products onto retail shelves (Play clip2)

The golden nuggets delivered on this interview were endless (play clip3)

#8 Moving along to number 8, we have episode #21 with Brian Burke

Brian is the founder and CEO of the biggest most trusted Apple trade-in company Sell Your Mac .com

Brian deals only with Apple products. His company buys and sells quality used computers and iPhones.

As an Apple lover, Brian actually bought Apple stock in 2002 at $2 per share, and still has them!

He loves learning, and because of that he is a Somalier, a Scuba diver, an Ordain Minister and A certified Mac Technician. (Play clip 1)

Brian’s business started growing so fast, that by the time he paid out 20 Million to his 100K customers, Sell Your Mac was moving to a 3rd warehouse, and even that warehouse is starting to feel small already (play clip 2)

Brian Burke also spreads the love through his community by donating computers to students and his time in order to put 250 kids through summer camp (play clip3)

#7 Next, we have position number 7 and its episode #6 with Rezza Rezz.
Rezza, besides having one of the coolest names I know, is also the co-founder of Mindset performance training.
#6 Co-founder and CEO of Mindset Performance Training Reza Rezz

#6 Now lets move up the list to position number 6 with Tom Sylvester

Tom is a fellow podcaster, a computer scientist and a business coach.

After college, Tom set a goal to retire by the age of 35 but had no idea how, so he tried MLM, Real estate investing, Stock market until one day driving home from work he heard an ad on the radio (play clip)

Tom bought a $15K real estate investing course with money he didn’t have and without telling his wife to be!
After a long talk, they ended up discussing their “WHY” and teaming up in business.

Since then, they have bought several investment properties together, a Wine and liquor store, started their podcast and a very reputable consulting business.


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