#22 Andrei Tarasenco, Black Belt Keto Tutor

#22 Andrei Tarasenco, Black Belt Keto Tutor

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Andrei Tarasenco CEO Ketonifi

Andrei Tarasenco, born in East Europe, educated in Sweden, and living in Canada since 2007, his life has been stimulating, challenging, and full of business adventures.

Over the years Andrei Tarasenco has created a number of entrepreneurial startups from consulting services, restaurants, software, international trading services to Oil Sands industry company.

Establishing and growing businesses in various industries provided a great wealth of knowledge and skills that he is able to share and contribute to as a business advisor, public speaker, and leader.

Having to move so many times through Europe and America, Andrei believes in the power of starting over, the continuous opportunity for reinvention, and the joy of pursuing life.

What he also learned is that to accomplish great things we must not only dream but also act, not only believe but also plan.


In 1987 at age of 8, Andrei Tarasenco started his 1st business, car washing service with a bucket and soap.

since that time Acquired over 20 million investments in different startups 31.5 years in,

Andrei Tarasenco the Keto Tutor has:

♥ Over 100 successful business build

♥ Over 100 million in sales

♥ Been in Love for the last 20 years with the same wonderful woman

♥ Father of 3 Kids

♥ Pro Athlete. Grappler/ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt


keto coaching

The story behind Ketonifi! Why KETO?

Keto in Business!

Why Keto Coaching?

My Keto day!

Andrei’s Books:

Miracle Mornings



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