#23 Billion Dollar Businesses to Machine Learning that Increases Conversions

#23 Billion Dollar Businesses to Machine Learning that Increases Conversions

September 18, 2018 Failure My Story 0
Fouder and ceo of Dxilogy LLC and Quin Amorim at Fail fast podcast

Today’s guest is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Chemical, Pharma, Biotech Manufacturing, Finance, Bio-Energy, Nano-Technology, SAP/SCM, Machine learning and Big Data.

He provided expert system consulting services to companies like Bechtel, Coca-Cola, URS in the fields of water and wastewater treatment design and engineering.

Our Guest SRINIVAS KILAMBI was Chief Technology & Knowledge Officer of companies in the TATA group. This group generates over 100 Billion per year!

He is also:

• Founder of Sriya Group

• Founder and 1st CEO Renmatix, Inc

• President & CEO of Reliance Bio-Refinery

• Did successful US IPOs with over $100MM raised including “Green Shoe”

• Did Successful M&A with over 9X returns. Investors include Bill Gates, John Doer and Bill Joy

• 1 Successful Turn-Around business experience

• Chief Technology & Knowledge Officer of Tata Chemicals (>$25 billion global corporations)

• Expert in prescriptive analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, math-stat algorithms, modeling, simulation, and optimization

• Business Process Innovation, Re-Engineering and Automation Expert

• Expert in Supply Chain, ERP, Manufacturing, Financials, BAM, DSS

• CXO of Commodore Separations, Inc. (CXOT)

• Adviser & team member, Commodore Applied Tech. (CXI) IPO

• Clean-Green Industry expert especially in water, bio-refineries, solar, and fuel cells


Process Engineering & Design Process Intensification

Nano Technology Combustion Synthesis Membrane Technologies and Separations

Super Critical Fluids Bio-Refineries and Green Chemistry

AI and Machine Learning


What is Digital Experience Index (DXi)?

How is DXi measured, and computed?

How is DXi used?

How is DXi unique?

Which industries/markets does DXi serve most?

What is the value proposition of DXi to these businesses/industries/markets;

What is the competitive landscape and how is DXi unique?

What types of Data can DXi handle and sources?

What is its pricing?

Why is the management/Founding team of DXi unique and capable?

Please listen to the podcast to get all the replies and to know more


Quin Amorim


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