Amazon SEO With Tom Buckland

Amazon SEO With Tom Buckland

February 12, 2019 Failure My Story 0
Amazon SEO With Tom Buckland

Today’s guest is an Amazon SEO Consultant
He is the founder of an organic SEO & Amazon marketing agency based in the UK, specializing in ranking products within Amazon & Google in some of the most difficult niches in the world.
Tom Buckland

Tell us about you as a person, who are you and where are you from.
How did you get into Amazon and when
Do you sell as well or only support other sellers?
Do you do private label, wholesale RA or OA?
Amazon rankings, everyone wants to rank but only a few make it to the first page, what’s the secret?

SEO Tips to rank quicker

2000 char description or EBC enhanced Brand Content?

FBA in the future

What is something you normally see people doing wrong?
What one tool you use, that you can’t go without?

Amazon marketing for sellers

sales velocity and conversion

Is it easier to rank when we use the same keywords in the title, bullets, disc, and backend?

Does it impact more if my keyword is in the same order as the client’s search term (written in the same order – wireless Bluetooth speaker vs Bluetooth speaker wireless

How do you do giveaways, do you use giveaway sites, email lists or Facebook groups?

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