Entrepreneur, Investor, CTO of Tetra Noodle Manuj Aggarwal

Entrepreneur, Investor, CTO of Tetra Noodle Manuj Aggarwal

July 16, 2019 Failure 0
CTO of TetraNoodle Manuj Aggarwal

Our Guest is an entrepreneur, investor, and technology enthusiast. He is also the principal consultant, architect CTO of TetraNoodle Manuj Aggarwal

  • You started your career at 15 workings in a factory 12 hours a day, 6 days a week making $2/day. Somehow I managed to acquire modest education.
  • At what age did you move to Canada?
  • How do you help bootstrap tech startups?
  • Why do you advocate bootstrapping over conventional methods of building businesses?
  • What kind of results you have achieved for your clients using your methods?
  • where do you get clients for your own business?
  • favorite software tool
  • whats the podcast?
  • Do you have a methodology which you use to build businesses?
  • I love that, don’t trust your own judgment, and that people don’t take action
  • What are some of the essential factors which determine the success of a startup?
  • Are you the founder of Tetranoodle?
  • We also train engineers on cutting edge technologies. |Sounds cool, explain
  • work with startup founders and help them bootstrap their dreams, How?
  • software consulting company, what exactly does this company do?

A. I favor fast execution over endless deliberation.
B. I favor serving the CUSTOMER over my own desires to build something cool.
C. I favor bending the rules (without breaking them) over abiding by them.
D. I believe in the resiliency and adaptability of the human race, and I know we can overcome any challenge if we work together.
E. Ideas are a dime a dozen, what counts is execution
F. I like startups, business ideas, and high-tech anything.
G. I favor pragmatic solutions over complex ones.
H. I favor scrappiness over lavishness.
I. Embrace The Benefits Of Constraints
J. Focus On Value Creation Over Shiny Glamour
K. Practice Low Risk And Rapid Idea Validation

▪ Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Computer Vision
▪ Blockchain
▪ Cloud Computing | AWS | Azure
▪ iOS apps | Android Apps | Mobile App Development
▪ Data Analytics | Big Data | Hadoop | Data Science
▪ Algorithmic trading (financial markets)



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