Award Nominated Business Woman Sarah Griffiths

Award Nominated Business Woman Sarah Griffiths

April 29, 2020 Failure 0

Sarah Griffiths Trauma and abuse therapist

The trauma work that Sarah does is not just something that she has learned, it’s based on her own experiences and long and painful healing journey.

For many years Sarah battled her extreme insecurities and lack of self-confidence.

At the age of 45, caught up in a narcissistic marriage and unable to reconcile her past and how it left her feeling about herself, she almost committed suicide but was saved by a split second realization.

Today Sarah is an Award Nominated businesswoman.
Sarah has previously established several businesses, but her latest venture is her passion.

QUESTIONS for Sarah Griffiths

  • What in your past made you so disconnected from yourself?
  • What event lead to you nearly committing suicide?
  • What was it that stopped you from committing suicide?
  • How did you even start your recovery journey?
  • How does abuse in their past particularly affect entrepreneurs?
  • How do you help people so quickly when years of other therapy has not worked?
  • Why does hypnotherapy work so fast and have such a dramatic impact?
  • What can anyone who can relate to what you have been through do to help themselves right now?
  • What is your larger goal at the moment? I know that for you this has become about more than just healing people so what else is it that you are focusing on and want to achieve?
  • Does every emotional issue have a solution?