How an engineer Turned Nutrition Doula – Alasen Zarndt

How an engineer Turned Nutrition Doula – Alasen Zarndt

January 21, 2020 Failure 0
Alasen Zarndt

Alasen is an engineer turned nutritionist and mom of two amazing girls.

She’s been navigating the crazy world of pregnancy, new-mommy-hood, and starting a business with plenty of successes and failures along the way.

With her business, The Nutrition Doula, she’s focused on helping primarily moms with their needs before, during and after pregnancy.  

Alasen Zarndt helps women regain their mental and physical health after having a baby through individualized nutrition, in an easy to implement, a stress-free way that the whole family will love!

  • Let’s start with what is a doula
  • Tell me a little about your business, The Nutrition Doula. How did it come about?
  • How/Why does someone move from a full-time employed engineer to an entrepreneur nutritionist?
  • Is mommy brain the same as brain fog? is it a real thing?
  • so if you are deficient of a vitamin type the baby will deplete you
  • what are the most important vitamins or supplements
  • Can what you are eating be the cause of your brain fog?
  • Postpartum depression is very serious, is there any way a doula can help prevent it?
  • What kind of impact can your food really have on you overall? Does it really matter?
  • So let’s talk about brain fog. How can the foods you are eating affect that?
  • Are cravings associated with something the body needs
  • What are your top tips for anyone listening to help up their game by fixing their nutrition?

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