From greed and addiction to purpose and fulfillment – Erik Salzenstein’s Freedom In Prison

From greed and addiction to purpose and fulfillment – Erik Salzenstein’s Freedom In Prison

October 30, 2019 Failure 0
Erik Salzenstein

Erik Salzenstein’s story is one that truly shows the power of change and what’s possible.
From greed and addiction to purpose and fulfillment.

Erik found himself facing life in prison, with his back against the wall where he finally had to face his worst enemy up until that point…..himself.

What stands out that he had to go to prison to find freedom and realized he was in his own prison long before actually being behind bars.
He then went on to spend 4 years relentlessly pursuing personal growth, coaching, speaking, running workshops and even being published in a newspaper all while in prison.

He developed a 4 step process using the acronym ROCK that allowed him to tap into his full potential and develop the ROCK solid foundation needed to transform and build his life on.

 He’s since used this process with much success to his client’s lives.
Erik is powerful and sought out speaker and transformational coach who shares his signature talk “From Prison to Prosperity” and takes people through his ROCK process and helps them break free from the constructs of their own prison.

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What we talked about

  • How did you end up in prison?
  • In prison is it easy to lose yourself in your thoughts
  • Do you remember the point or day of change?
  • How did it improve you as a person?
  • What is the ROCK process
  • Love the honesty
  • Temptation
  • Raise the bar
  • Own your thoughts
  • Consistency in your efforts
  • Know your values
  • What your biggest goals for the future?
  • What’s the connection between the importance of communication skills in prison and out.
  • Did you have to work while in prison and if so what were the jobs like?
  • How did you come to the realization you had lost your freedom long before going to prison?
  • Getting out whats the feeling, fear or happiness?


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