Top 1% Mortgage Originator In The USA – Shane Kidwell | Ep #71

Top 1% Mortgage Originator In The USA – Shane Kidwell | Ep #71

October 23, 2019 Failure 0
Shane Kidwell

Shane Kidwell is the creative mind behind dwell Mortgage.

He is a full-time branch manager, top 1% mortgage originator for the last 3 years
Shane is a business coach, retired firefighter, and coffee enthusiast. He believes he has grown his business by practicing honesty over making an extra dollar.

Prior to lending and coaching, Shane Kidwell was a full-time firefighter at the busiest station on the West Coast. Shane believes that his experience as a firefighter has given him a special set of skills that he is able to bring into his businesses – from communication to face-paced yet effective work systems.

Shane still calls the Seattle area ‘home’ with his beautiful wife, Fernanda, and their amazing golden-doodles, Lola and Sophie.

  • How did you get into firefighting?
  • How long were you a firefighter for? (6 years)
  • How did you transition into Mortgages?
  • How do you become a top 1% Lender? since 2016
  • What strategies do you use to stay on top?
  • in your industry I know the goal is new leads so how do you get more leads?
  • Do you use a CRM
  • what type of marketing he does…..
  • does he use social media etc
  • Favorite tools
  • size of your team?


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