#7 The Military Social Media Guru – Jenny Hale

#7 The Military Social Media Guru – Jenny Hale

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Jenny Hale The Military Social Media Guru and Quin Amorim`

Jenny Hale is a social media mentor for the US military.

Another great interview where Quin Amorim and Jenny Hale talk about

Jenny started her career working with the military community and over time she realized she wanted to help more.

Jenny lived in the barracks, she rappelled down towers, and even took pictures inside the gas chamber!

So much that after college and being a photojournalist, Jenny attempted to enlist, more than once!

But unfortunately, due to some childhood medical issues, that would prevent her physically to do what she needed and wanted to do, Jenny was not accepted.

But, since Jenny fell in love with the military and found her purpose, she was not going to give up that easy.

She couldn’t walk away, she had a purpose, so she had to work with the military and makes sure its more than a 24-hour job.

Now she pivoted and found a way to do what she wants, around who she wants.

This is such a great interview with Jenny Hale, that I recommend listening, rather than just reading the show notes.

Jenny Works with various military spouse/veteran entrepreneurs to reach social media and marketing goals.

Jenny Hale offers coaching, social media management, content creation, and public relations services to the military community entrepreneur and specializes in serving businesses with military-focused products/services.

Studying online algorithms, like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Jenny knows what kind of behavior these algorithms are favoring and exactly how to engage with them. If you want to know more and need a hand with your marketing, please see below Jenny’s social media presence:



R. E. Payne



Where to find Jenny:

Facebook page

Facebook Group


Website jennyhale.com

LinkedIn Jenny Hale


Thank you for listening to Quin Amorim’s interview with Jenny Hale, I hope you liked it, and please share the show.


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